From the boy in his Mums kitchen to a major regional producer…

The Saffron Ice Cream Company, ‘my dream’ started many years ago (when I was about 8) as a comment to my mum whilst walking through my home town of Saffron Walden one sunny afternoon….. “There really isn’t anywhere to get a decent ice cream around here!…” little did I know that years on, there would be – and what’s more, I would be the one to produce this little luxury!

After graduating, I returned to Saffron Walden with a dream and began to trial handmade ice cream in Mum’s kitchen with my first machine. Within no time at all, I’d created a buzz around ice cream as it should be.

Before long I was producing ice cream from my very own premises in Henham and the hair net was on full time!

The idea was to micro produce luxury dairy ice cream, handmade and using local and seasonal ingredients. We wouldn’t use anything artificial but instead be based on the ingredients found in kitchen cupboards at home. With the majority sourced locally, The Saffron Ice Cream Company would become ‘the celebration of the local area’.

Before long, we brought the The Saffron Ice Cream Company back  to its rightful home –  a farm in Saffron Walden.  Since then ice cream production has exceeded my wildest dreams…. Suddenly the boy producing ice cream in his Mums kitchen now has a hugely expanding business with a reputation and brand image for quality sort after by some of the most prestigeous outlets selling ice cream.

The business has developed to encompass some of the best local people that work here – everyone from Harry and Tom who make our wonderful products, Bridget who sells our lovely products, Malcolm who delivers them and to Nikki and Laura who scoop at events. We produce and sell thousands of litres a week but proudly still produce under our ethos of local, season and fresh.

“To this day, nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing someone eating my ice cream, the ice cream I’ve dreamt about and handmade”